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Our Services

We offer service of Hosting, Hosting Reseller, Vps and Servidores Dedicated located in the USA, France, Russia and Switzerland; also we make its available our plans of Certificates SSL that will help it in the positioning Web and the security for Webs that have stores online. Our cheap VPS hosting allows off-shore hosting and hosting ssd count on discs ssd, which allows to one better answer in the data processing therefore its Web him will be able to have more visits in simultaneous; in addition the LiteSpeed will allow its Web to load in a smaller time to comparaciuón than a servant with Apache or Nginx. We have more than 10.000 clients satisfied in countries as: Peru, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain. If it has some doubt on our services of lodging Web, vps, hosting to reseller, among others can totally ask for a period to us of test of 15 days free, if it wishes it to ask for puts itself in touch it with us by means of our Support in line, our operators by far taste will take care of it.

Services Added Including

NGinx/Lite Speed

With LiteSpeed Web server or NGinx its Web will be up to faster 300%, ayudándo to its Web to reduce to the use of resources and monthly transference.

Backups External

All the backups of their services are kept in an external servant to be able to recover their Web and others at any time.


It installs his Wordpress, Joomla, Cart Open, PrestaShop, SMF, MyBb, Moodle, Chamilo, Drupal, Magento and others scripts without needing raising it in his hosting.

Guarantee of Return

We are sure that our services will encatará to him, for that reason we offer the guarantee to him of return of its money if not this satisfied.

Transfer Free

If you come from another company; we helped it to migrate their Webs, post office, domains, archives, dedicated servant, vps of gratuitous way.

Uptime 99,9%

Our servers are monitored by UptimeRobot every 1 minute, for that reason we can guarantee a minimum Uptime of 99,9% in all our services.

Its Web fast and easy

easy Web

In our service of dedicated server hosting it can use Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop and practically all the popular services that they offer groups of payment as much as gratuitous to create a Web.

This will allow it to have its very many Web working faster and without having to spend great amounts of money in designers and programmers.

If it has any doubt, it does not stop putting itself in touch with us, we will clarify its questions to him and we will help him to choose the most advisable service.

But of 400 scripts to install
in a single click.

The autoinstalador more complete than facilitates the process to him to install the most popular platforms, only must fill up the data the data that are asked for to him for the installation; this option this available one from the option “Softaculous” in its CPANEL. In order to see all the scripts available in Softaculous makes click here

  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • magento
  • joomla
  • ghost
  • uikit
  • to codeigniter
  • concrete5
  • We are Hosting Nice, part of Net legally established Hosting S.A.C in Peru and on offices in Peru, we counted on 7 years of experience in the market, technical personnel highly described who will help it before any doubt or problem. Our servers encuetran themselves in the USA, Canada, Russia and Switzerland monitored the 24 hours of the day by 3 external monitors different and 1 intern for each servant allowing us to know right away if a servant has some disadvantage.

    Our priority is to have always its Web in line and to solve its doubts and restlessness, for that reason our support this available 24 hours of the day to help it in which it is necessary.

  • We are sure that our service will fulfill and exceed all expectations, for that reason make available the guarantee of return of the money for all nuestos services with the exception of the dedicated servers; if it has doubt to use our service can ask for a gratuitous test of anyone of our services with the exception of the servers dedicated by a period of test of up to 15 days, for it must be put in touch with us by means of the chat in line.

    If it has some disadvantage with its Wordpress, we had a specialist who will help to solve it her disadvantage or she will indicate to him what must do for solucuonar the problem.

  • Our servers constantly are monitored by 3 external monitors that every 1 minute guarantees to us the supervision of our servers and Data Center, before any incidence received it immediately and comes to review the servant, this way their Webs will be in line most of the time (99,9%)

    In addition we counted on a revision of ips of the servant in search of black list, this verification allows to review if the IP of the shipments of post office is with some blockade of some well-known organization. Its service of mail will be sending and receiving post office constantly, always in good condition very important for you and we.

Tools of Management


The best panel of administration in its Hosting, Reseller, VPS, Servant.


We work with ResellerClub in the registries of domains.


Tool in charge of the control of its clients, including in the Hosting Reseller.


With this autoinstalador it will be able to install: Wordpress, Joomla, OpernCart, etc.


The most popular CDN finds it in its ready CPanel to form it.

What is hosting?

It is a space that contract in a servant dedicated connected to Internet to lodge its Web, post office, data bases, archives, among others. These servers are in a Data Center.

As soon as time activate my does service?

The service of hostimg, hosting ssd, hosting semi dedicated and to reseller is activated right away. Vps is installed in 5 minutes, in case it requires CPanel the time of delivery is of 2 to 3 hours. The dedicated servers give themselves in a minimum period of 30 minutes and in a maximum period of 3 days (Servers Off-shore).
At the time of which the service is activated will receive a mail with the access data.

Which are the means of payments?

It can realise his payment by means of Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, BitCoin, Western Union. Also it can realise his payment with credit card Visa, MasterCard; in Peru it can realise a deposit in the bank account of the BCP, Continental BBVA, Interbank.

How I transfer my hosting and/or domain?

In order to transfer his hosting we needed the data of access of the Panel of the other hosting, these data must of being given only by ticket as safety measure. For transference of domain we needed code epp or code of transference, to qualify option of transference of domain or to deactivate protection anti robbery (in some case it is called thus) and to have deshabilitada option of protection WHOIS, if it does not know since to do it we can help it, in line contacts us by the Support for greater infornmación.

What is vps?

It is a space assigned in a great servant where CPU is assigned to him, Ram memory, disc space, bandwidth only for his Webs and it does not share these resources to comparison of hosting; the VPS is ideal for Webs of high traffic that hosting cannot hold.

Service of hosting in Peru

Our service of hosting in Peru offers the possibility to you of lodging your website of reliable form since we commit ourselves to secure an operating time of 99.9%. As you know the 100% is simply impossible, so it is the maximum guarantee that you can find in an honest site.
We are proud of being one of the best suppliers of hosting in Peru, and can affirm it because we offer a service of support that works the 365 days of the year, the 24 hours of the day.
As we know that if you are going to buy hosting in Peru, you are going to need a domain, with our plan we offer it free to you. Like if you have your Web with another supplier, also we transferred it to you free to our system.

Hosting in safe Peru

As much Google, as the end users give importance more and more to the Internet security. For that reason, with our service of hosting you obtain coding SSL of your Web free of charge. Thus, your clients and users will be able to send data or documents to you with total tranquillity, and Google and this of web search engines will identify it with a safer Web.
This is especially important if you are going to develop a Web for an electronic commerce or of services in which your clients are going to send personal money or data to you.
In addition, we do backups or backup copies, so that if it happens something with its Web can recover it as soon as it is possible and return to normality.