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Plans of HostingMás Disc Space for its Web, Post office, Images

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Hosting - Lodging Web

With our unlimited hosting plans, you will be able to lodge his enterprise blogs, Webs, accounts with high traffic of post office, Moodle, Webs e-commerce as Prestashop, Opencart, OS Commerce, among others. Our servers count on processors Xeon E5 with 64 Gb de Memoria RAM lodged in the USA for one better latency. The lodging servers Web are monitored by UptimeRobot every 1 minute, which indicates to us when a servant of hosting can have disadvantage, for that reason we can guarantee a Uptime of 99,9% since our Support is available the 24 hours of the day, arranged at any time helping them before any doubt or disadvantage.
We count on the autoinstalador Softaculous with which script as Wordpress will be able to install favorite his, Joomla, Drupal, OS Commerce, Cart Open, Magento, PrestaShop, Moodle, Claroline, Chamilo, SMF, MyBB, PhpBB among others of instantaneous way, also scripts which they need 128Megabyte Memory PHP could be installed without no problem.
A plan of hosting or lodging Web serves to him to lodge its pages Webs, post office, data bases and projects of its company, personal Web, among others.

Characteristics Hosting
Disc space 3 Gb 5 Gb 7 Gb 18 Gb 30 Gb 100 Gb
Monthly transference Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Supported domains 1 2 3 Limitless Limitless Limitless
Subdominios Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Data bases 2 Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Accounts of Email Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless Limitless
Version PHP 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1 5.3 / 5.4/5,5/5,6/7,0 /7.1
Memory PHP 256 Megabyte 256 Megabyte 256 Megabyte 256 Megabyte 256 Megabyte 256 Megabyte
Constructor of Site
(RVSite Builder)
Adult Web
Let's Encrypt SSL
(Gratuitous SSL)
MySql, Perl, PhpMyAdmin
Statistics (AwStats)
LiteSpeed, CloudFlare, Softaculous
Support 24/7/365
Guarantee of Return
Backups programmed
Location of Servers The USA
SME Blog Economic Enterprise Corporative Institutional
Price (1 month) $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 $6.90 $10.00 $16.10
Price (3 months) $6.00 $9.00 $12.00 $20.70 $30.00 $48.30
Price (6 months) $12.00 $18.00 $24.00 $41.40 $60.00 $86.94
Price (1 year) $24.00 $36.00 $48.00 $78.66 $108.00 $164.22
Price (2 years) $48.00 $72.00 $96.00 $149.04 $204.00 $309.12
Price (3 years) $72.00 $108.00 $144.00 $211.14 $288.00 $434.70
    • Transfer Free

      If we come from another one hosting we realised by you traslaldo of their Web, email, data base of gratuitous way.

    • Monitored

      His servant is monitored by UptimeRobot every 1 minute from different ips in different countries, this assures when his servant can have problem.

    • Backups External

      All the information of its servant is stored in an external servant to savalguardar the information of its archives, data bases and post office.

  • 99,994%

    Last 12 months


    Last month

    Our servers are monitored by UptimeRobot and Pingdom every 1 minute to guarantee the stability of the servant. Each alert that we received from the external monitors allows us to take part the maximum servant in 2 minutes to solve the problem.

  • Support 7/24/365

    Contact yourself with our Support by means of Ticket, Chat in line, WhatsApp, Skype and telephone way the 24 hours of the day. We will help it in its problem by far pleasure.

    people group

    Wordpress support

    If it has some disadvantage or it needs aid with his Wordpress, it contacts with our specialist of Wordpress sending a ticket to our Department of Wordpress.

    • wordpresswordpress
    • joomlajoomla
    • drupaldrupal
    • magentomagento
    • moodlemoodle
    • smfsmf
    • prestashopprestashop
    • chamilochamilo
    • phpbbphpbb
    • mybbmybb
    • oscommerceoscommerce
    • opencartopencart

    Autoinstalador of platforms

    The autoinstalador more complete than facilitates the process to him to install the most popular platforms, only must fill up the data the data that are asked for to him for the installation; this option this available one from the option “Softaculous” in its CPANEL. In order to see all the scripts available in Softaculous makes click here

  • Interface easy to use/quicker 300%

    All our plans of hosting ssd count on CPanel, an interface easy to use, if it does not have knowledge of this interface we counted on tutorial of CPanel. In addition it has installed LiteSpeed that allows him to load its Web up to faster 300%

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    • Complete management of his hosting
    • Creation of Email, FTP, Data base
    • Clean design
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    • Up to quick 300%
    • Multi PHP: 5.3, 5,4, 5,5, 5,6, 7,0, 7.1
    • Change of version php

Installed Software

We count on the last stable versions installed in the vps web hosting Servant for his plan of hosting to reseller.

  • Multi PHP
  • MySql
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Perl
  • Statistics (AwStats)
  • RVSite Builder
  • Webmail
  • CloudFlare