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On m2mhost

m2mhost is part of Net Hosting Solutions S.A.C. (Net Hosting S.A.C.), company formed in the 2009 by enterprising and specialistic young people in the technological market with 8 years of experience. m2mhost began its activities in the 2015 after to acquire all the actions and activities of RuxelHost. The company initiates its activities in the 2009 in order to offer services of hosting, domains, vps, dedicated servers, design Web, streaming within reach of any person in a market of excessive prices, emphasizing to us to offer the lowest prices of the market with a high quality of the service.
In these 8 years we have grown constantly in several markets; emphasizing to us in Peru, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile.

At the moment our office is located in Peru, real and accessible office to all the users and clients who want to visit to us.

Our Mission:
To offer service of hosting, domains, vps, dedicated servers, certificates SSL with the highest standards of quality of the service with economic prices.
To guarantee our service by means of the external monitoring of the servers and to protect the information of the accounts of its service in an external servant.

Our Vision:
To be recognized not only in the Peruvian market but also in the international market as a solid service in offering technological solutions within reach of any person, it jeopardize with our guarantee of Uptime of 99,9% in our servers.

Our Commitment

The Client

For us great or small client does not exist, all are taken care of in the same way in the smaller possible time jeopardizing to us in solving his doubt or restlessness, putting us in his place before any disadvantage.

Solution to its problem

Time is money for our clients, every minute that happens is essential in solving its problem, for that reason we reviewed its disadvantage neither or we received its ticket, mail, telephone call.

Support 24 hours

We are conscious that its business this working the 24 hours of the day and that every minute is valuable for its business; for that reason we take care of the 24 hours of the day, where we will help it in solving any disadvantage or doubts that it has.


All our servers are monitored the 24 hours of the day by UptimeRobot and by our internal monitor, if we received some alert of a fault in the service, we take part the servant immediately, for that reason we can offer the Uptime to them of 99,9%.


We know that they hate that we do not warn to us when there is a maintenance of some service or a fault of the same, for that reason we are it jeopardize in by email informing or telephone way before any maintenance porgramado by our Data Center or of some fault of the same.

Without contracts

You can remain with us the time that wishes, we did not force it to be a minimum time.

Data Center

Our servers are in the best Centers Datas of Canada, France, Russia and Switzerland with superfluous networks, protection anti fires, UPS, Generator ELTs, constant monitoring, Tier 3 and 4, Certificates ISO which makes that podeamos offer a service to him of quality for its Web, company, business, projects. Also all our servers are monitored by UptimeRobot and Pingdom, which maintain alert to us before any intervenor problem and to recover the service immediately immediately; our personnel is constantly monitoring the servers and constantly updating kernels and programs installed in the servant.

Next we showed a video to him of one of Data Centers where are our servers (Courtesy of OVH).

Our Equipment