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Political policies of EmailNuestras of Shipments of Email


Emails per hour by domain is a limit of shipment of 400. If it sends more of this amount in any hour the majority of e-mails would bounce a destiny error. Many of our 60 servers have MGP checkspor hour limit by email address. If it exceeds this is very probable that incorrect access obtains an error message saying. It only must wait for one hour and it is unblocked automatically. In order to avoid that this happens again, make sure to deactivate the automatic verification at least or him of something superior to 10 minutes. Any list of mail of more than 2000 will demand semi dedicated or vps. Note: to divide a great list in small lists for this limit is not allowed.


If one of ours ips falls in black list and we verified that its account was the one that caused this listing, its account will be suspended immediately with or without previous warning. Also we will come to delistar the IP of the black lists, will analyze its account in search of some hackeo or backdoor. If you have raised script of shipments of massive post office some will not have right to realise reclamation to qualify its account.