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Terms of the ServicioNuestros Terms of the Service


We are going to form its account after to have received the payment and have examined the order to verify that it is not a fraud. It is its responsibility that provides an email address to us who is not @eldominio that is going to use to register itself. If there is some problem or we needed to contact itself, we will use the email with which it has been registered. Also, it is its responsibility that the always up-to-date email address this. To provide information of false contact of any type can be the completion from its account.
Transferences; our equipment of support will do all the possible one to help to move its site with us, nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the transference process. We offer this as a service of courtesy and cannot be made guarantees as far as its availability or the amount of time that can take since each host is formed a little different. We will try, nevertheless, in some cases is possible that we cannot help him in a data transfer of host old.


All the services offered by Hosting Nice only can be used for allowed aims. The laws of the State of the United States of America, Canada, France, Holland and/or Switzerland are applied according to the location of the servant. The client commits himself to compensate and to maintain undamaged to Hosting Nice of any claim derived from the use of our services. The use of our services consists of not violating the rights of author or brands. This includes but it is not limited the nonauthorized copy of music, books, photographies, or any other work protected by author rights. The supply of sale of falsifications of any merchandise of a titular brand will give rise to the immediate completion of its account. If you think that their rights of author or brands are being infringed, please, it sends an email to with the required information. A list of the necessary information can be found here. If the request is question of licenses, additional documentation will be able to be demanded. Examples of unacceptable material in all the servers: “Bots IRC, Proxy/Anonymizers, Pirate Software Warez, services of images, archives or banner-ad (similar to rapidshare, photobucket, or), topsites, audio commercial streaming (or dwells than one two streams), Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or related sites, Sites of Investments (FOREX, egold exchange), sale of any substance controlled without previous test of corresponding permission, sites of AutoSurf, sites of lottery, muds/rpg's or sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Programs of Brute force, Mail Bombers and Spam Scripts. Web sites with distribution of archives, for example: great films, software or archives MP3 are not allowed. It remembers to use external liaisons not to lodge these materials in our servers. “The external links warez as Mega, 4Shared, FileHot among others Webs uploaders are allowed”. We reserved the right to reject the service to any person. All the material that, in our opinion, is obscene, as for example pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia, etc, or threatening is prohibited and will be eliminated of our servers with or without previous warning. The fact of not responding to messages of e-mail of our department of abuses within the 48 hours can be the suspension or the completion from its services. All the subjects of abuse must be treated through tickets/emails and will have an answer within 48 hours. In case of doubt on the acceptance of his website, put yourself in touch with us through and we will be enchanted to help him. Possible damages to the juniors strictly are prohibited, including the child pornography or contents to which the child pornography is considered. Any site where is child pornography or the entailment to the child pornography will be suspended immediately without previous warning. This type of violations will be reported to the competent authorities. It is his responsibility to guarantee that scripts/programs installed under their account is safe and the permissions of the directories settled down correctly, independent of the installation method. If it is possible, to establish permissions in the majority from the directories to 750 and archives to 644. The users are responsible in last instance for all the measures adopted by virtue of their account. This includes the commitment of the credentials as name of user and password. It is necessary that it uses a safe password. If a weak password is used, its account can be suspended until it is committed to use a safer password. The audits can be made to prevent the weakness with the passwords that are used. If an audit is realised, and its password is considered weak, we will notify it and we will take the time to change/to update its password.


We take a position from tolerance zero against the shipment of e-mail nonasked for and Spam. Any user who sends Spam will have his account finished with or without previous warning. Please, he makes click here to review our generalized policy of email. Sites of publicity through SPAM (Spamvertised) could not be lodged in our servers. This disposition includes, but it is not limited Spam sent through fax, e-mail, instantaneous mail, or Usenet/groups of the news. No organization or organization who appears in the ROKSO can be lodged in our servers. Any account that its IP this in our “black list” immediately will be suspended and/or finished. Hosting Nice reserves the right to change or to disqualify as necessary any website, counts, data base, or another component that does not fulfill our established policies, or in emergency to make these modifications in a situation to its exclusive discretion. Hosting Nice reserves the right to receive the holder of the used account to send any e-mail nonasked for a quota of cleaning. This cost of the cleaning is totally to discretion of Hosting Nice.


You are according to the form of payment adapted for the received services of Hosting Nice, before the period of time of served. You agree in which to less she notifies to Hosting Nice of his desire to cancel anyone or all the received services, those services will be invoiced of way appellant. The cancellations must become in the area of clients. Once we receive its cancellation and has confirmed all the necessary information through e-mail, we will inform to him that its account has been cancelled. If it does not receive an email of confirmation of this cancellation, put yourself in touch with us immediately. As client of Hosting Nice, it is his responsibility to make sure that his information of payment this a date, and that all the invoices are paid in time. Hosting Nice generates of automatic way its invoice 10 days before the renovation of its service; also we granted 3 days additional after the date of victory so that it is bought up to date in his payment, happened the 3 days the account is suspended and passed the 7 days the account it is eliminated and the amount of $1,00 by administrative expenses of restoration of its service will be added to him in its invoice.


All the payments realised by Agent BCP of provinvia (located outside Lima) and/or Window of the BCP will have a surcharge of s. 7.50 or $2,50 by discounts that this bank realises, also the payments realised by the Continental Bank in province have a surcharge of s. 6.50.


Its use of the service is under its own risk. Hosting Nice does not become person in charge of the archives and/or data that reside in their account. You commit yourself to assume the total responsibility of the archives and transferred data and to maintain all the backup copies of archives and data stored in the servers of Hosting Nice. All our external servers realise backups the days Monday, Wednesday, Vienres and Sabados from 11:45 p.m. (Hour of Peru GMT-5) only to accounts that weigh 3Gb less than, the accounts that weigh more of 3Gb will be realised backups weekly (each Domingo).


Hosting Nice reserves the right at any time to cancel the account with or without previous warning. Any abuse that is detected by our personnel in any means or format will give rise to the suspension or the completion of its services. The clients can cancel at any time through client area. Hosting Nice gives an unconditional one him of 30 days of return of guarantee on the shared management of lodging. Some is no return on administrative rates, expenses of installation of customized software, or the name of domain. The requests of reimbursement after the INITIAL of 30 days will be given back in prorated form of time nonused. The accounts are eligible only for the first time for a reimbursement. For example, if you have had an account with us before, cancelled and signed again, you will not be eligible for a reimbursement or if she has opened one second account with us. Violations of the Terms on watch will cause that the application of the policy of returns is suspended.
If it wishes to change a domain name or to cancel the registry of a domain (exceptos .pe) will be able to make it up to 2 days after be registered the domain with a surcharge of $2.50.


The user will not be able:
a) To use 25% or more of the resources of the system by more than 90 seconds. There are numerous activities that could cause such problems, among them: Cgi scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.
b) To execute any type of spider Web or indizador (including Google Cash/ADSPY) in the shared servers.
c) To execute any software that interacts with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
d) To execute any application torrent of bits, to tracker, or client. Please, it remembers that you can have a connection to torrents outside the servant, but not to store them in the servant.
e) To participate in the activities of any cases out-sharing/peer-to-peer.
f) To execute any game as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942, etc.
g) To execute cron with intervals smaller to 15 minutes.
h) NOT THIS ALLOWED to put a zone of massive unloadings of archives since the same one uses very many resources of the servant (CPU/Memoria).
i) To execute scripts or software to mount attacks DDOS.
Any account that is detected will be cancelled with or without previous warning. He is very recommendable to use external connections of unloadings (of the type Mega/FileHot/MediaFire) to avoid this disadvantage. Hsoting Nice suspends of immediate way any account that exceeds 25% of resources; also it is notified to the client via ticket and the account is qualified during the dawn (Hour of Peru), to be suspended by third time due to subjects of resources of the servant, will be in definitive suspension.


The use of more than 150,000 inodes can potentially be in the suspension. Accounts that surpass the limit of 150,000 inode automatically will be eliminated of our backup copy system to avoid overusage. Each file in its account uses a 1 inode. Simply to surpass the limit, they do not constitute reasons for the suspension, nevertheless the accounts that constantly create and erase a great number of archives can cause that their account is marked for their revision.


You have assigned one quota monthly of bandwidth. This quota varies based on the package that it bought. In case pass its account the assigned amount we reserved the right to suspend the account until the beginning of the next month, to suspend the account until more bandwidth is bought, to suspend the account until you update at a level superior of the package, to terminate the account and/or to acquire an additional rate to him for overages. Transference used in a month cannot be prorogued until the following month.


Each service of hosting that offers Hosting Nice comes with 30 days of guarantee of return of money. If you completely are not satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of his service, a complete reimbursement of the amount of the contract will occur him. It remembers that this only will be applied to the services of hosting, to reseller and it will not be applied to purchases of domains.


The services of Hosting shared could not be resold other people. In case of wanting to transfer his servicico of hosting to another person, the new proprietor will have to register with us and both to ask for the crossing of hosting by means of the area of clients.


If he wishes to transfer his domain to another person, the new proprietor will have to register with us and both to ask for the crossing of hosting by means of the area of clients. This transference between clients of Hosting Nices is gratuitous with the exception of the domains .pe that has an additional cost of $40.


The amount that only pays by the service of Hosting could be increased if it realises the payment in New Suns and Euros. We reserved the right to change to the prices and the right at any time to modify the amount of resources to the plans. The price to pay in currency of New Suns and Euros will depend on present exchange rate.


The Client accepts that she will have to defend, to compensate, to keep and to maintain to Hosting Nice of any and all the demands, responsibilities, losses, costs and claims, including the honoraria of the lawyer against Hosting Nice, his agents, his clients, civil servers and employees, who can arise or derive themselves from anyone from served or realised or from agreement in which they must be realised, their agents, employees or assignees. The Client accepts to defend, to compensate and to maintain undamaged to Hosting Nice against liabilities that are derived from; (1) no damage to person or property caused by products sold or distributed of another way in relation to Hosting Nice; (2) any material provided by the client or to presumably infringe offenders of the rights of property of a third party and (3) infraction of the author right.


By means of the use of any service of Hosting Nice, it accepts to be put under binding arbitration. If some of the controversies or claims considers against Hosting Nice or of its branchs, such controversies will be handled by a referee of Hosting Nice to election. A referee of the American Association of Arbitration or the National Forum of Arbitration will be selected in the state of Texas. The referees will have to be retired lawyers or judges and will be selected in accordance with the applicable norms. All the decisions dictated by the referee will be binding and definitive. The by arbitration award is definitive and binding for all the parts. The Federal Law of Arbitration, and not any law of state arbitration, regulates all the arbitration by virtue of the present clause of arbitration. You are also responsible for any and all the expenses related to this arbitration.


Hosting Nice will not be responsible for any damage and/or damage that its business can suffer. Hosting Nice does not offer any type of guarantee, it express or implicit of the services that we provided. Hosting Nice in particular resigns to any guarantee or saleability or suitability for an intention. This includes the resulting loss of data of delays, nondeliveries, it gives mistaken, and anyone and all the interruptions of the service caused by Hosting Nice and its employees.


Hosting Nice can disclose any information of subscribers to the organisms in charge to enforce the law without consent or notification to the subscriber to legal request of those organisms. We are going to cooperate totally with the organisms in charge to enforce the law.


Hosting Nice reserves the right to modify the policies without previous warning.