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VPS SSDAlto yield with Discs SSD


The difference between a VPS SSD and a shared Hosting or to reseller is the guarantee of use of resources; in a VPS you have assigned CPU, Ram memory, Operating system, disc space, IP own that will not share it with anybody more in the assigned servant.
Benefit of a greater speed of data processing with the Discs SSD that have all our plans of VPS, ideals to comensar their business of hosting or for their Web that or exceeded the resources in hosting shared or to reseller.
Our system realises Backups of all the VPS SSD in an external servant for a greater security, also the VPS are monitored the 24 hours of the day by our internal and external monitor guaranteeing the greater possible availability to him of the same; with the administration full we were in charge of their VPS as updates of Security, updates of the Kernel, installation of units PHP, among others.

Ram memory
4 GB
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  • Activation in seconds

    All the VPS are installed in seconds, if it solicitd with CPanel must wait for 1 - 3 hours by the installation and configuration of the CPanel.

  • Administered

    We were in charge of the optimization, updates, installation of programs of third parties of their Servant (Available only if CPanel chooses).

  • WHM/CPanel

    The Control Panel par excellence for his servant in CentOS, will help to administer it the accounts of his servant of simple way.

  • External Backup

    All the information of its VPS is stored in an external servant to savalguardar the information of its archives, data bases and post office.

  • NGinx

    With NGinx the Webs of their clients will be up to faster 300%, ayudándo to reduce to the use of resources and monthly transference.

  • Monitored

    His servant is monitored by UptimeRobot every 1 minute from different ips in different countries, having warned to us before any disadvantage.

  • Operating systems

    It installs fast and simple CentOS, Ubuntu Server, Fedora or Debian from his panel of Solus.

  • Support 7/24/365

    Our Department of Support is available the 24 hours of the day to be able to help it before any doubt or disadvantage.